Post Jan 14 2015 swype keyboard

Using the Swype keyboard feature

All Fire HDX tablets running the Fire 4.0 operating system support an implementation of the popular ‘swype’ keyboard for touchscreens, and you need not perform any steps to activate the feature; it is enabled by default whenever the keyboard appears. With swype, you press and hold at the first letter of a word, then drag across to each successive letter in the word. As an example, if you wanted to type the name ’edward’ you would press and hold the ‘e’ key, then drag to ‘d’ then ‘w’ then ‘a’ then ‘r’ and finally back to ‘d’, releasing touch at the final letter, as illustrated here. As you drag, an orange line shows the path of your last action.

The swipe feature has a level of artificial intelligence built in, so even if you miss a letter in a sequence, it will usually make the proper guess as to the intended word. Some users swear by it, while others don’t care for the technique (I’m more of a voice dictation fan myself), but if you perform any amount of typing on your Fire HDX, it’s probably worth a try to see if the technique works for you.

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