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New Kindle Fires

Amazon has released a number of new devices for the 2014 holiday season, primarily refinements to its existing Fire line of tablets. The devices sport newer, faster processors; a new operating system with a number of new features, and in the case of the lower-end models, front-and-rear cameras built into the devices. One of the new models that I am most excited about is the new Fire HD6. It sports a color screen that has a diagonal measurement of 6 inches, slightly smaller than the 7-inch norm seen in many tablets, and a single mono speaker replaces the twin stereo speakers in other models of the Fire line. In turn for these design changes, the Fire HD 6 comes in at a very aggressive price point of just under $100. Amazon has managed to produce a quality tablet for less than $100 US, and at this price, they’ll make a great holiday gift.

A feature of the new Fire 4.0 operating system that I’m excited about (and haven’t even seen yet) is called family profiles. (The household profiles are there in my Fire HD 6 and Fire HD 7 that I’ve been playing around with, but what I’m still waiting on is the family profile feature that lets you and your spouse or partner, both with separate Amazon accounts, share your purchases across devices.) I was speaking with an Amazon technical support advisor about this the other day and I was told the company is hoping to release the feature along with the new operating system update to third generation kindle fires, so hopefully by the time you read this, the feature will be there. I’m sure I’ll be using it with my spouse, so as soon as it releases, I’ll try to give you the details here on this web site about how you can set up family profiles.




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