New Kindle Fires

Amazon has released a number of new devices for the 2014 holiday season, primarily refinements to its existing Fire line of tablets. The devices sport newer, faster processors; a new operating system with a number of new features, and in the case of the lower-end models, front-and-rear cameras built into the devices. One of the new models that I am most excited about is the new Fire HD6. It sports a color screen that has a diagonal measurement of 6 inches, slightly smaller than the 7-inch norm seen in many tablets, and a single mono speaker replaces the twin stereo speakers in other models of the Fire line. In turn for these design changes, the Fire HD 6 comes in at a very aggressive price point of just under $100. Amazon has managed to produce a quality tablet for less than $100 US, and at this price, they’ll make a great holiday gift.


Usinng Household Profiles on your Fire tablet
A major addition to the newest Fire products is the ability to create household profiles, letting you share a single Fire HD among multiple members of your household. (The improvement is actually a part of the new Fire 4.0 operating system, so if you own any 4th-generation Fire such as the HD-6 or HD-7, or any 3rd-generation Fire that has received the Fire 4.0 OS update, you can make use of this feature.) You can add one adult and up to four children as members with their own profiles. With household profiles implemented, the carousel, favorites, and content that each household member sees are unique to that individual.
Amazon has taken the time to provide a short help video explaining household profiles. Go to www.amazon.com/help and click ‘Kindle, Fire and Echo’ at the left, then click ‘Fire HD and HDX tablets’ at the right. At the next screen that appears, under ‘Getting started,’ click ‘Fire tablet help videos,’ then scroll down and click the ‘Household Profiles’ link.
The steps are a bit lengthy, but worth the time in my opinion. Once you’ve set up household profiles, you can share books that you’ve purchased with other family members who are in your household.




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